Saturday, June 13, 2015

Back to School Supplies Haul

It's been around a month since I started school again and yes, due to my love of procrastination, i'm making this post a month late :') but better late than never! So here it is guys! My back to school supplies haul! Lately i've been buying some cute stuffs for the new term and I hope these fun knick knacks will get me pumped up to study more diligently!

Sticky Notes

Having a stack of sticky notes is a must for me, it really does keep me on track with stuffs I need to remember or a important info I want to point out. I used to buy these in different colours but then I got really dizzy so I decided to stick with the classic yellow one.

Indication Stickers

 So the next thing I want to show to you guys is somewhat of a new discovery I found at the bookstore, these are they're these identification stickers with notes at the end of the tip! I can definitely tell they will be so useful when I want to highlight an important paper in a textbook and they're pretty huge when I stick to a paper so it'll be very easy for me to see it.


The next thing isn't necessarily for back to school but I just thought that these hair clips were sooooo cute and they'll help my bangs to stay on place.

Sticky Note

I also found this super cute sticky note that is in a form of a clock! Now I have to admit that I do have some issues with punctuality so I definitely think that this will be super useful for me to be in time whenever I have an appointment or somewhere to be.

Panda To-do-list Sticky Notes

I am easily drawn to cute things and this particular Panda caught my attention. I like having small sticky papers to remind me of what I need to do and it gets me pumped up even though I am doing something boring.

Indicator Stickers

I don't know about you guys but I just love marking my textbook per chapter with indicator stickers, they are so convenient when we need to look for a page or a chapter and it totally decorates a boring textbook into looking very cute.

Cool Looking Notebook

When I first saw this book, I knew I had to have it because of the cute design. When I flipped through the pages of it, the papers were so soft it makes me just want to write a ton of stuffs in it. Currently, i'm using this book as a Blogger Planner so i'll keep track on what should I write on m blog and I have any new ideas.

Colourful Pens

Having colourful pens helps me to get into the mood for studying, I like highlighting important stuffs on my notebook with colourful pens to make it much more easier for me to remember stuffs.

Indication Stickers

These stuffs are my life! They're so cute and colourful and I use them a lot of different purposes, I use them for marking important sections on my textbook, as a book marker, marker on my journal and etc. They come in a lot of different patterns and colours and I have a few already before I bought this one, so this adds to the collection!

Cute Notebook

I usually use small notebooks like these to make summaries or as a exercise book for my calculation classes and I tend to find myself using these so frequently when i'm about to have a quiz or a test.

Notebook Journal

This time around, I would like to be more organised so I definitely need a planner to sort out the stuffs that I need to do on a daily routine, I also find it useful to write down important stuffs I need to remember and I also keep track on what I need to accomplish.  


Soooooo that's all I have for this post! Oh and a little fun fact, I actually bought these stuffs two semesters ago and I first started writing this at around that time but I never actually sit down and complete this post. Suddenly today I felt like I have been neglecting my blog a lot and I miss blogging :( I miss the sensation whenever I finish writing a post I feel so excited and happy. 

Hopefully I will now go MIA again and I really want to focus on my blog!! And speaking of blogging, there's a ton of stuffs I have planned out on my Blogger Planner so I have to make it real this time around!!

have a good day everyone and take care :)


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