Friday, May 30, 2014

A Well Spent Friday With Abhy

Luckily for me, I don't have any classes on Fridays for this semester (yeay!!!). So yesterday I spent my day with my part time mood booster, part time best friend & part time caffeine-mate, Abhy! It has been such a long time since I spent time with her due to the fact that we're not in high school anymore and we go to different universities. But I was so happy yesterday I got to spend my day with her and we had our lunch at Union and we talked about so many things, it was a really refreshing moment to relive. 

So without further ado here's some pictures from the personal stash! Took some pictures from my iPad mini and #nofilter

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

Hello there readers! Being born in the 90's definitely served me well as some of the most amazing cartoon shows aired on television and I basically grew up watching Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, As Told by Ginger and many more.

Lately i've been doing some researches on conspiracy theories regarding Nickelodeon cartoons that circulated in the late 90's. At first when I read the theories, I just thought it was someone's wicked mind trying to ruin our childhood but as I got deeper into the context of the story, some or might as well I say most of it actually makes sense. Now these theories have not yet been approved or anything by Nickelodeons reps and i'm taking these theories from various secondary source outlets so it's not 100% valid. But I can say though that at the end, it is up to you if you want to believe it or not but I think this was a interesting yet disturbing new thing i've learned.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ask me a question on tumblr!

Hi there! Feel free to ask me questions on my tumblr page :)

Here's a little bit of a sneak peek on how I answer questions :) yeah i'm either poetic or just nonsense XD but have a good day anyways! 


Friday, May 16, 2014

Me in One Sentance

I am a infinite galaxy that stands in between a socially awkward individual and an unruly extrovert. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Back on Track

Whilst on the journey of reaching your dreams, it is never an easy road to embrace. Sometimes, i drift off from that road and i stumble, a lot. Lately I feel i've been kinda lost and it saddens me. Sometimes I let my anxiety and depression get in my way, university has just been exhausting, and also social pressure, sometimes it gets the best of me.

But for every time I feel down and sad, I always have to remind myself my goal from the start, where I want to be in the next few years or more and what I want to achieve in this life. Even though it is exhausting because you have be your own saviour, it moulds you to into becoming a stronger person.

So my goal now is to not let insignificant 'noises' get in my way of what I want to achieve, and I gotta work hard on it. Seems kinda scary but I believe I can overcome it. And I also have to start making daily plans to get my day organised and to finish off things I must do like assignments, cleaning, read my textbooks, and etc!

And until then, I am still struggling to develop myself.


Rise After You Fall

Hi guys! For today I want to do a somewhat inspirational post that I hope will inspire you all and can also help for those of you who have been wanting to rise from the ashes of your misery and be brave in starting a new chapter in your life.

So I have come up with several ideas that you guys can do whenever you feel sad, and always remember to rise from no matter what misery you guys are facing! :)

1. Cry it out. Letting out that weight that has been hovering and sending a pressure to your chest is better off to deal it by crying. Because once you've cried, you have acknowledge the pain and you have accepted the reality of it.

2. Talk to a friend. In life, you cannot expect for everyone to understand you like an open book if you don't tell them! Be wise and smart in choosing a friend to let your guards down, and hold on to the idea that life will always give you a friend. People will come and go but there are many trustworthy ones that are worth the love and pain.

3. Sing it out. It has been proven in a psychological observation that singing releases stress. Now I don't really have a great singing voice, I just think it's pretty ok but hey, Who cares? Just sing it out! One of my fave songs to sing are Disney songs! Ranging from A Whole New World to A Part of Your World and so many more! It really does work! I feel much more lighter and airy after I jam into my fave all time classic Disney songs

4.  Cook your own food. When we're cooking, we are focused to the food that we are making it is the perfect brain distraction! And also make sure that you're cooking healthy foods that are good and energising for your body.

5. Do something productive. For me, it's either cleaning or writing a new blog post. Even though i've been kinda MIA from blogging ever since i've been busy with the third semester of uni, I feel so happy after I post a new blog because it makes me feel i'm a step closer of reaching my dreams and I believe it is beneficial for me future. And at other times, I also like to clean my apartment and re-organise and re-decorate my living space to have a new outlook. 

6. Watch comedy films/sitcoms. For me, it would either have to be 2 Broke Girls and How I Met Your Mother, even though i've only been watching HIMYM very recently, I fell in love with Robin & Barney and the whole entire cast is just so hilarious. And i've also been a huge fan of 2BG because it is filled with sarcastic humour and every single cast in that sitcom is perfect for their role and I often find myself laughing my ass off every time I watch 2BG.

7. Drink tea. I suggest drinking green tea because not only it is good for your metabolism, but it is also good for weight control! And I also make sure that I do not fill it with sugar because it can be kinda fattening and I prefer drinking it without sugar anyways.

8. Exercise. Especially when you're angry! When you're mad at someone, don't waste your time thinking of a diabolical plan to get your revenge on that person. But let it all out by exercising! Go to the gym or take a walk or even do your own cardio workout in your living space.

9. Pray. Have faith in what you believe. I always believe that everything is not a coincidence and it is all a plan made by God. I also believe that if God brings us into a situation, God will also help us go through that situation. 

10. Read a book. I'm currently loving post-apocalypse themed book and I really do find them very entertaining and it broadens up your imaginations by challenging it into a greater extent. And when you're reading a book, when you're caught up with it, you can put your problems aside and enjoy the flow of the story.

So that is the few of the many tips I have to enlighten yourself and I hope you all will enjoy :D


Saturday, May 3, 2014

In Search of Something Genuine

Have you ever just wanted something so bad, you would do the absolute crazy things in order to have the feel of it for yourself. Especially when we see someone having it and seeing how happy they are as their smiles spread broadly across their face and you bare eyes saw something genuine in theirs.

That was me before reality slapped my face. There is an old saying that 'It is better from afar.' which I didn't really get it when I first heard of it. But now, it brings me to ease and lessens the feeling of jealousy in me. 

I used to hold on to this theory where I could not be happy unless if I have something that what I would think would bring me happiness. So I was relentlessly trying to reach it. Sometimes things goes with the way I want them, and at other times, things don't really go as well as I would have pictured them in my head. But either ways, something prickled in me, the feeling that I thought is not the feeling what I felt in the end. I did not taste anything genuine.

When I look at pictures, I would often thought, I want to go to this place where this person goes, I want to get to know more of this person, I would like to have this or that, and the list of desires continues on. But as reality comes it's way more than my expectation (and my daydreams) it gives me the spiteful truth that some things are not as what they seem to be. And the more I hear of endless realistic scenarios from people that I thought were living in a fairytale, the more I feel both relived and numb. Relived that I can stop hoping a false reality and numb that, is there even anything genuine nowadays?

But I am not giving up, maybe this is a lifetime journey, to find something or someone that's genuine. And I am thankful for life has shown me something that was realistic, even though it hurts. So what I want to do now is to stop creating scenarios in my head. I want to be surprised with the reality that life brings and even if some things are better of looking at it from the opposite angle, there are sure of a whole lot of things (or moments) that are genuine, even from any point of view that works dimensionally. 


Friday, May 2, 2014

Monthly Playlist: April ♡

Waterfall - Christopher Nissen
Red Hands - Walk off the Earth
These Times - Walk off the Earth
Take Me Out - Golden State
Word Up! - Little Mix
All About Us - He is We (feat. Owl City)
Red Lights - Tiesto
Don't Look Back - Born Cages
Classic - MKTO
Fancy - Iggy Azalea (feat. Charli XCX)
Heaven - After School
Alive - Krewella
Picture Show - Mindy Gledhill
Make it Up - Sam Tsui

Hope you guys enjoyed this little playlist I made for the songs i've been loving for the month of April and have a good day :)