Monday, March 31, 2014


With the recent death of Bapak Jusufi (My 9th grade English teacher), many of his loved ones are devastated by the truth and it has shocked us that we did not thought death would greet him this soon. He has done many great things in his lifetime. He was known as the teacher who would always carry a cup of either coffee/tea and would spill a chuck of sugar in it. He was also known as the teacher that always carries a whistle in his hand for all of us to get into class on time (Kind of a reminiscence of the male version of Sue Sylvester). But despite all of that, he was a devoted teacher and a great man.

His recent death has inspired me to write this blogpost about inheritance. When people look up to the skies and think of their loved ones that are not by their sides anymore, what are the things that would pop up inside their head as they recollect past memories shared with that person?

Everyone has a dream. We all want to achieve extraordinary things with the age of our youth and to look back and smile for the things we have done. It is something that is worthwhile fighting for. Therefore, I have gathered voices from people that i have asked and people that have volunteered themselves to be in this blogpost. I asked them:

"What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? What would you like to be remembered as in this world once your body reunites with the ground below and your soul has been called upon from the place above?"

Without further ado, let us see what they have in mind :)

 ✦ ✦

- Ibrahim Soetomo - 
"My artworks. I'll leave my artworks so people will see me through them."

- Alifanno M Yasser -
"The rhythm of my music. So people could feel how awesome their life is just like the way I do."

- Dimas Muhammad -
"I wanna leave all the stories I told, songs i've sung, writings i've written, voices i've spoken, and all the experiences i've shared for it is the source of my wisdom and the clearest reflection of myself. I would like to be remembered as a friend who makes mistakes, a lot of it, yet still have something to come back for. A person with endless curiosity, endless thirst of endless answers to the endless questions in life."

- Panji Mardhika -
"My artwork and my passion. But other than that, I really want to be known as the person I really am. Maybe through a book or a series of photographies that can tell stories of the things i've been through in my whole life. I am currently studying about Narrative Photography, and from looking through a couple of those examples of their pictures I can already imagine how their life is and it feels so real and raw in a sense that it is so true to the artist and nothing is made up. So basically, I want to be remembered as who I am and I am not sorry for being myself."

 - Aubrie Karenina Bastian -
"I want people to remember my foolishness that i've done in the past. I want to be the reason behind people's laugh and it makes me happy because I have made someone smile and I have lighten their burdens. And I also want to be remembered as a unique person that is unlike any other."

- Fais Arsyad Wahab -
"I want to be remembered as a good and humble person. I want to be nice to people, I wanna be a peacemaker."

- Tsabita Cyavrila -
"If i imagine to be successful in the future, i'll beat Steve Jobs! Ever since I was in junior high, my wildest dream was to invent a brand new operating system called 'Cheetah' (as in faster than leopard, lion, etc.) and also creating a brand new social media for sure. I also want to be remembered as a warmhearted person who loves sharing her thoughts and joy, and also fun to hangout with. Being an introvert in the past made me realise that I don't  have to be afraid to make friends around. So I also decide to make myself to be a better person and be there whenever my loved ones need me."

- Franklin Immanuel -
"Have you ever seen guys wearing baggy shorts and long socks underneath it? Do you know who made that trend popular? Travis Barker. I want to be a trendsetter like him. I want to create a trend that when people sees that trend, they'll think of me too."

 ✦ ✦

As for me, I don't exactly know, yet. I have a lot of things i want to achieve in this lifetime. As you all know i'm a dreamer, and I have this weird feeling inside of me that my dreams are too big for this universe to handle. For the time being I want to be a Blogger, later on I want to try make videos and be a Youtuber, and my wildest dream is to be a actress on the big screen doing huge blockbuster movies. But I would like to be remembered as warmhearted person that is willing to help others. And i want to inspire people through my creations, whether it is from my blog, the things that I say or do. I want to aspire a lot of people as much as I can. 

 ✦ ✦

I cannot help but to smile when i read these thoughts that these wonderful people has shared to me. The inspiration of this blogpost came from my dear friend, Ibam when we were mourning over Bapak Jusufi's death and we were talking about ways to make out time here remarkable. Fanno is a friend of mine that I have so much respect for being the first person to share his thoughts, and he is currently postponing his studies to pursue his dream, all the best luck in the world, bro! Dimas holds a special place in my memory because he was actually one of the few people that was nice to me at the beginning of 7th grade and i will never forget that. If i'm not mistaken, I've shared a couple of years being in the same class as Panji and all i can say is, he is a good person and he always smiles, like I can't even remember a time where darkness filled his skies, or maybe there were those days, but he has done a good job to conceal it and it shows how mature he is. Aubrie is a friend that i have shared many laughters and tears with. She is currently in Japan in pursuing her studies as a animator, even though I am sad we no longer live in the same country, distance will never break our friendship. Faiz is infinite, I can write more than a thousand words when it comes to describing him but it'll eat up a lot of space in this post. Tsabita is a friend of mine that i find comfort in, she's mature, caring, loving and overall, a special person that is close to my heart. And last but certainly not least, Franklin is one of the first person that i met outside of my class in Uni, he's a good listener, there were moments where i cried at night and he comforts me and makes me feel so much better because I have a friend that listens to my stories.

"Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you." 

Shannon L. Alder 

Thank you for reading my blog :) it has been a huge pleasure to share my words and others to inspire :) I hope you all will create a beautiful legacy in this life.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monthly Playlist: March ♡

Beating Heart - Ellie Goulding 
Bright Lights - 30 Seconds to Mars
Beautiful Goodbye - Maroon 5
Picture Perfect - Charity Vance
The Unknown - Foxes
Ferris Wheel - Marie Digby
Pas Toi - Tal
Crazy - Au Revoir Simone
Boys Don't Cry - Natalia Kills
Sinful Nature - Bear in Heaven
What You Wanted - One Republic
Believer - American Authors
No Faith in Brooklyn - Hoodie Allen

So those are the songs that i've been loving for the month of March stay tune for more monthly playlists because i'm thinking of making these for every month of the year to show you guys the songs that i've been loving for that particular month. And make sure to click on the name of the songs because i've attached it to youtube for every song mentioned above so you guys can listen to it!


10 Random Facts About Me

1. When i read, the world around me disappears

If you guys can't tell. I love reading books. It's like the universe has given secret magic dust to every author that writes a book. The moment i flip that page and as i dive into each chapter. I feel it has converted me into a place elsewhere that only exists if we use the power of our imagination. I also often carry a book in my bag because i love that content moment where you're at a coffee shop and you're surrounded by all of these different people but once you read, your imagination kinda creates this mere optical illusion of a place that was once only prevail within numbers of pages but it comes to life as you start to believe.

2. Kid Flash is one of my favourite characters from DC Comics

One of my many favourite cartoon shows when i was a kid is Teen Titans. I remember how i used to be so obsessed with it. My favourite characters were Kid Flash, Jinx, Speedy & Robin. But i was so sad when i heard that they were not going to be continuing on season 6 but they decided to do short sketches (Teen Titans GO!) which is fairly ok but i would love if they decide to make season 6 and i even participated in a petition letter that requests for Cartoon Network for doing another season. But afterwards there was a new show called Young Justice and i instantly fell in love with Wally West aka Kid Flash, even though he died later on and it had left Artemis in devastation.....I love how funny and outgoing he is in the series.

3. I have uneven eyelids

I don't know if people notice this or not, but for the longest time ever, i have uneven eyelids, and i discovered this way back hmm, i think it was at elementary school? I've been wearing contact lenses ever since i graduated from high school and every time i'm about to apply my make-up, i notice that the portion size of my eyelids are uneven. I used to think that it's a weird trait of mine and i used to be embarrassed of it but now, i like to see it as a unique trait and i wish to embrace it even more in the future.

4. Lately i've been obsessed wearing a sweatshirt over a skirt

It takes me around 1.30 to 2 hours to get ready every morning (ikr that's crazy) and i spent most of the time taking a shower or putting make-up on and i literally do not have time to raid every single clothing piece in my dresses so my staple piece for whenever i'm in a rush is a sweatshirt and beneath it i put on a skirt. I find this a really nice on-the-go outfit and it's also super comfortable so i'll feel free to move around all day in campus.

5. My current celeb crush is Dylan O'brien

I mean, srsly, who doesn't?? I have not yet watch The Internship but i saw a lot of pictures of him in it and he is just the definition of my ideal guy. Like the cute nerdy dude who wears glasses but turns into a goddess when he takes it off?? Yeap Dylan is the one. I feel bad though i don't really watch Teen Wolf because that was his huge breakout gig as an actor but i saw the trailer for The Maze Runner and let's just say it was love at first thumbnail pic sight.

6. My current favourite drink from Starbucks would either have to be the White Chocolate Mocha latte or the Java Chip frappucino

The number one drink that i always order in Starbucks is the Green Tea frappucino because i'm obsessed with matcha but my motto for 2014 is "Don't be afraid to try new things and be more explorative." so I broadened my choices of beverages. Don't know exactly why but i always find myself ordering a frappucino every time i go there, so i decided to try something new and i ended up really liking the White Chocolate Mocha latte because it's a really nice hot drink to sip on a cold day and it has the right portion of sweetness but yet you can taste the bitterness of the caffeine that it offers. And as for the frappucino department, i've been loving the Java Chip frappucino because at first, it was my dad's and my sister's favourite drink like i'm not even kidding they always order that and i took a sip and omg it was like love at first sip, i just love the small bits of chocolate and the chocolate sauce on top of the whip cream.

7. I enjoy vacuuming my room because i'm dust-phobic (Amarthophobia)

I usually vacuum my place for about twice or three times per week, the reason behind it is because i hate dust. I absolutely despise dust, it can make you ill and very unhygienic. And also, i'm a lousy sweeper so having a vacuum kinda solves my problem and keeps my floor spotless.

8. I often experiment on making different kinds of meal that does not require using a stove

Since i've been living on my own on the weekdays, and since i don't have a stove (to prevent me from eating fried food), I often like to experiment with different food combinations and making sandwiches with fresh ingredients. I've also recently made a strawberry dipped in chocolate that i used a microwave to melt the chocolate! I'm also thinking of making a post about healthy food options but also one's that are comfort food as well.

9. I often have to listen to music whenever i take a shower

Not only can i sing on top of my lungs when i shower but i can also count or predict how long do i bath according to the number of songs i listen to. Currently i've been listening to musics from the Divergent OST because it's just simply awesome and my favourite song from the album would either have to be Beating Heart or Hanging on by Ellie Goulding.

10. I often wear socks to bed

Socks are literally my lifelong obsession, like i've been collecting them for the longest time i could remember. I like collecting different kinds of socks, ranging from the plain ones to crazy patterned ones and even the ones that have cute animations on it. But yeah, it's been a habit i've acquired since high school, i just like how it feels so comfy and warm and i have this weird theory where the reason why i have nightmares is because of cold that is why i love my socks.

 ✦ ✦

So yeah that is all for this post! Stay tune to my other posts that are not related to deep thoughts topics because i wasn't feeling writing something that requires a lot of extensive thinking. I hope you guys enjoy this post and I think i'm gonna add pictures later on if i'm not too lazy....or not hahahahaha we'll see in time.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Graceful Swan

My mother and I was on the hunt for a art piece for my apartment and for the longest time ever, we haven't had any luck. We searched from store to store and none felt it brought the perfect ambience. We were looking for something that had a meaning behind it and not just any art piece/a painting but something i can smile upon to when i wake up every morning.

We were looking around at Ace Hardware and most of the one's there was either too long or the picture on it just doesn't seem right. But suddenly I found this gorgeous picture of a Swan gracefully bending her long neck and forming a beautiful posture on a square canvas. It was a printed painting but it looked real from afar and they added a bit of real paint on some of the vocal features of the faux painting, such as the feathers and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

I showed it to my mom and she told me that this is the one. Since i've been living alone in my apartment, every now and then i kinda miss home and since i only go home on the weekends, i do miss seeing my mom. My mom told me to put this on the wall on top of my bead so whenever i sleep the swan is somewhat like looking after me and my mom always told me that I will grow up into a graceful swan, which at first i asked her if what she meant was i used to be a freaking ugly duckling lol, but i think that was a very beautiful meaning that my mom gave into the art piece.


Friday, March 28, 2014

A Glimpse of Broken Perfection

Have you ever walked pass by and take a glance at a stunningly beautiful person to someone that to you, every single thing about them is flawless (because we are bewildered by their physical appearance) and you thought to yourself, i wish i was more of like that person or i wish i could be that person. But we do not know what goes through on that person's mind. Sure, maybe that person has the ideal body, the effortlessly stunning hair, flawless skin, captivating eyes, a great fashion sense, a dream boyfriend/girlfriend by their side, and everything just seems perfect when you look at that person. But beneath all of that beauty, do you know that that person might be in deep agony?

Sometimes, we feel at a certain point of depression where we strive for what other people have. It makes us blind. We're so focused on wanting something that we want to have that we forget what we already have and we are not being blessed. And funny thing is, we're so busy wanting what other people have and somewhere or maybe someone that we do not know of are secretly wanting what we have. What is this cycle? What is happiness when it seems like the thing we want the most is not as great as we thought it would? I'm sorry, maybe it's just me and my wicked mind but i'm also on the road of finding genuine happiness.

I have this theory, where God always listens to our desires, even if it's unspoken. God knows. God also grants our wants. But it comes with a price. Let's say, when we want something or to be like someone, God may gives us what what we want, but sometimes, what we want isn't necessarily the best thing for us. Who knows, when we wish to be like the other person and we pray to God to transform us into that person, maybe we don't realise that we're also unknowingly wishing to have that person's bad qualities as well. And why God let those thing happen? To teach us a valuable lesson.

Overall, be blessed with the life that God has designed for all of you and always see the good in the bad even if it is only a single dot of light in a dark landscape. There is nothing wrong with having wants and desires but please do not compare your life to someone else's. When you see someone that you want to be, see them as a motivator and do not be a copycat version of that person!


"You were born an original, don't die a copy."
- John Mason

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Giver & The Receiver

It was back then in junior high when i watched Hayley Williams's home tour video given by friend Tsabita, when i first heard about The Giver. In the video, She and her friend, Hannah made this artsy $6 wall art from a cardboard paper and wrote the last two sentences from the last chapter of book;

"Behind him, across the vast distance of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. 

But perhaps it was only an echo."

There is something so fascinating yet daunting about it that it left me wondering at night and i was determined to read The Giver because life would seem incomplete if i didn't and pretty much everyone on the internet is still blabbing about it up until this day and i am also very excited that the movie is gonna be out soon at some time this year!

Anyways, i have acquired a lot of wisdom in the moments where i've spent reading it. The Giver tells a story about a young boy, named Jonas, who lived in a uniform society. Once they reach the age of 12, every each and one of them will be assigned in specialise areas that the leaders of their society will place them in an area that fits best for them in order for society to be stable and there are certain rules that they firmly believe, some of them are; they avoid vanity (because it triggers jealousy), disobedient is not accepted (even from an early age, everyone was taught to have good manners),  and none of them feel emotion. All in all, the rules were made to avoid rebellions. It took a long time to recover from the war that happened a long time ago and the leaders believe to keep the society in a uniform act to prevent it from happening again.

Jonas was excited and terrified at the same time as the days of the year had almost come to an end. Soon he will be 12, and soon he will have a title in the society and he will be an adult. But Jonas was unlike the other children. Strange things started to happen to him just before he turned 12. He started to see things change it's motion in a blink of an eye and no one seems to comprehend him when he shares his feelings. He even felt this tingling sensation in him whenever he encounters his dear friend, Fiona, and he cannot foretell what will happen if it keeps happening to him every time he sees her. There were so many questions in his mind and none seems to be the right person that can help Jonas.

At the choosing ceremony, Jonas has been assigned to be the next Giver and it was a huge honour to hold that title; as of because the society only chooses a person from their kind to be the next Giver is a very rare moment. For his training Jonas will be trained by the current Giver and he will be his Receiver. The Giver told at the beginning of the journey that, it will be bittersweet. Jonas will be the only one in the society that can hold precious memories of the past, memories that happened long ago before the war and he cannot tell it to anyone. The reason why the Giver is someone that is dearly needed is because the Giver is the only one that still contains all of those memories. And for Jonas, he was set to be the next great person. 

Jonas's training began with the Giver giving him happy memories of the past such as, the first snowdrop at winter time, the art of togetherness, the celebration of holidays, the beauty in welcoming newborns and many more. The Giver even showed Jonas 'colour', as the world that they lived in is very plain in black and white, Jonas first saw the colour red, which was why the colour of the apple that Jonas saw earlier shifted from grey to red. But every time the Giver passes the memories to Jonas, he will no longer hold those in his head, it is now all owned by Jonas. 

Great opportunities comes with great responsibilities, and that was something Jonas was not prepared for. As the days got older, the Giver began transferring more dark memories to Jonas, which he did not like it because it was painful for Jonas to see and he felt numb afterwards whenever the Giver showed him the meaning of death, betrayal, suffering, and so on. Which made Jonas question, why do we have to go through suffering? The Giver smiled and told him,

Wisdom is gained through pain.

Okayyyyy now i'm gonna stop telling you guys the summary of The Giver and actually giving you guys the main point of this blog post! If you guys wanna know what happens next, again, i strongly suggest on reading The Giver for yourselves! i promise, you will not regret.

I think one of my biggest misconceptions about life is when we have a desire to reach at a certain point, we will feel happiness from there and so on, and when we do get to that point, we expect all of our high expectations to come true about how our lives will change and how everything will be different with the reason of we have suffered before and the future will be presented as a dream coming to life.

But no, that is not life. From reading this book, i have learned more and more about the procure of wisdom. I often wonder why the process of learning often involves internal pain and how it leaves a mark. In the book, Jonas was a much more wiser child from the start compared to the other children, and he became more and more aware of his stance in the society. It is all because Jonas had tasted the beauty that pain brings. Of how it seems such a compelling bitter truth that the world has been kept it in hiding when we as humans refuse to go through the bad days even though it will later on lead us to the best days of our youth.

Aside from that, there is a part of the movie where the Giver was in suffering from a great pain because he had been holding the bitter memories for far too long and he cannot share the pain to anyone as being the Giver meant he cannot pass it to someone else, even to his bloodlines. But since Jonas was ought to be the next Giver and since Jonas insisted to lend the bitterness to him, the Giver finally showed him his darkest past memories and how it burdens him until this day. Once it is shared, the Giver felt much more airy and less painful.

I have learned that when we are keeping something to ourselves. We feel like we're being tied to a death rope as we are holding on to too much bitterness within. It is better if we share our thoughts to someone we trust or even writing it down on a piece of paper to transfer the negativity.

I am very thankful for having so many good friends that listens to my stories and comforts me to make me feel better. For a moment, it is as if i am like the Giver sending those thoughts to my Receivers in a form of words that they can translate it into imaginative sceneries of their own. 

Long story short, the moral of this post is to not hold on to bitter memories of the past. Let them go, share those thoughts to people you trust most. They are able to help and mend your sadness. As of for now, i think i am still on the journey of finding wisdom in life. Even if pain is included. I will be prepared, and after all, I have my Receivers to be a place for me to let my guards down.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

February Favourites

Hey guuuuys! please forgive me for posting this in the middle of march because i originally planned on posting this at the beginning of the month.....and i'm also planning to do a monthly favourites for every new month where i will showcase the products and things that i've been loving for that particular month and also doing a short review about each things i've mentioned but i'm still not sure yet, so let us see what time will unravel! 

 Cash Book & Calculator  

So this is a ritual that i'm trying to implement on my everyday life, which is writing down all of my expenses into my cash book. I find this as a really great way to track where does your money go and it actually made me more cautious in the things that i purchase, there are even days where i go, "I cannot believe i just spent that amount of money for food and other necessities!" and it inspired me to not waste money, and i also carry that and a adorable calculator (which is from Smiggle, if you guys were wondering) that i put on my backpack. 

✿ Body Mist ✿ 

I've always been a huge fan of perfumes and body mists because they make you smell nice and i'm obsessed with the shape of the bottles, it's like holding a potion from a fantasy movie. For this month, i find myself frequently using Victoria's Secret's Bombshell body mist that was given by my mother, and it has a very strong but fresh smell and it also comes with a scented body lotion when i got it. I usually spray maybe 10 times around the clothing that i'm wearing and then i'm good to go!

✿ The Giver  ✿ 

It has taken me a lot of time in search of this book and the moment i found it, a burst of excitement filled my soul and i felt content, i first had heard of this book from a lot of book recommendation sites and i felt like it's something i must do, or in this case; must read, before i die.

The Giver tells a story of a young boy named, Jonas. He is being chosen as to be the next Giver for the uniform society that he lives in. Through his journey, Jonas tasted a lot of feelings, emotions, situations and even colours that he had never experienced before. But it is not all rainbow and sunshine, the Giver also shared Jonas the meaning of suffering and the gain of wisdom through pain. Despite for the ambiguity of the ending of the book, i like the way how the writer leaves us to interpret on ourselves about it.

I really like this book because it really opened my eyes about the way i think and i strongly suggest for everyone to read this book. Even though it has take me about two months to finish it, every chapter invites the readers in a thrilling ride and you have to read it for yourself to experience the magic, and i'm also very excited because the movie is set tobe released some time this year and Brenton Thwaites is such a cutie! Even though in the movie Jonas is being pushed forward into a 16 years old, i'm curious on how the movie will translate it from the book.

PS i'm also gonna post a blog about The Giver so stay tuuuuuune for that :D

 ✿ Maybeline's The Rocket Mascara ✿ 

When i first purchased this, i was not satisfied on how it look because it mad my eyelashes clumpy. But after a while, i decided to give it another try and i ended up loving it now! i really do like the shape of the bottle because it resembles a rocket (stating the obvious XD) and how the bristles are because they make the eyelashes much more fuller and volumizing.

✿ Hair Scrunchies ✿

I don't know if it's just me or i think that my hair has a mind of it's own, lol! I mean, it's very moody. There are days where i think it looked like it had just exploded and there are other days where it's falling down in the way that i want. But either ways, i always keep a number of hair scrunchies in my bag to tame my tangled hair and i'm currently obsessed with the one's with bunny ears and the usual telephone wire scrunchies.

✿ Hello Kitty Face Paper ✿

So first, can we just take a moment of silence to admire how cute the packaging is?! If i look back in time, i've been carrying face papers in my bag ever since junior high because i have a extremely oily skin and i just wanna swipe off the excess dirt on my face due to excessive oils. I bought this Hello Kitty face paper a long time ago back when i spent my new years eve back in 2013 at Bangkok at a local drug store and the reason why it took me such a long time to finally use it is because the packaging is way too cute and i do not want to ruin it! lol.

✿ Hello Kitty Face Paper ✿

I've always been a huge fan of green teas, whether it is in a form of a cleansing tea or matcha. But i usually drink this without any sugar so it acts as a cleanser and i usually drink this at night time after a long day that is filled with me stuffing carbs, carbs, and more carbs into my mouth. Even though it's a bit tasteless, i feel much more airy once i finish drinking it and it's also healthy too!

✿ Maybeline's Baby Lips ✿ 

First, i would like to apologise for the bad resolution photo as it is not quite focused and the lighting is horrible! Keep in mind that i use natural sunlight so i'm presuming that it skies were cloudy at that time. But anyways, i find myself crawling back to Maybeline's Baby Lips because it is one of the best chap sticks ever! It moisturise your lips and it also smells really good.

✿ Aussie's Hair Insurance ✿

I'm always on the hunt for a hair product every now and then and for this month, I've been frequently using the Aussie's Hair Insurance to prevent breakage. I use this after i wash my hair and what i usually do is i brush my hair with a comb to separate their in an unevenly section and to avoid hair loss. I then gently apply it towards to the ends of my hair and for whatever that is left in my palms i'll just apply it to the area near my roots. As a result i have a much more softer and protected hair because i do use hair straighteners quite a lot and this product keeps my hair all healthy and shiny.

✿ Green Tumblr ✿

Last but certainly not least is, my green tumblr! i've been going to the gym lately and i'm too lazy to bring a water bottle that i have to take off the lid whenever i want to drink it so i bought this tumblr! It's super cute and i find myself more frequently using this than a cup to drink water because it's so much more fun and it looks super adorable.

So okayyyy guys that was the things that i've been loving for the month of February! Leave a comment below and tell me what are your favourite products for this month and again, i'm thinking of doing a monthly favourites for every month but we'll see how it goes.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Why when we want something so bad, we will do almost anything for us to get it.

Why is pain similar to love? it demands to be felt.

Why do we feel like our adrenaline increases when we see something that makes us feel alive?

Why do we feel not as happy as we think we would when we have receive something we want so badly?


The way i think is like broken pieces of glass scattered upon the floor; i was once a perfectly carved vessel, but as time aged me, and as life quivers me, my thoughts are broken parts of the wholeness i was once.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Only Time Will Tell

I was going through endless pages of pictures Weheartit and i came across this picture that definitely caught my attention.

Time. Time is something that we cannot take back and we must not take it for granted.

With advanced technology nowadays has enabled us to do greater things innovation wise, but does it also bring good to the environment that we live in.

Countless times where i've passed lands that was once filled with life and nature that has been demolished until there were none left to be seen. Now all i see are architectural buildings rose up into the air and who knows how many trees were cut down in the making of it.

As a part of the millennial generation, we must not let the world that we live in being destructed by our own creation, there are so many ways to preserve the environment that i am ashamed of myself that i have not done much to be a part of it, but slowly, i will reflect it in my everyday doing.

For some moments, please be selfless, think of all the children in Africa and do not waste precious water as they run through the sink and do not relentlessly use the electricity all day. Go outside and be with the sun! Little acts of good will lead to bigger greatness in the future.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dear March

This month has been like a crazy roller coaster ride for me, at the beginning of the month, my mind was consumed with the idea of perfecting my Valentine's Day project and it was a good feeling as i met a lot of new people through handing them the love letters. 

Overall, this month wasn't that sour but i think i have learned something valuable from this month on how to control my anxiety. I'm not saying that i have fully recovered from my anxiety, but every now and then i still do pace back and forth, listening to my ipod and enter the treacherous unrealistic realm of mine. It saddens me really, to see myself in the mirror and see how broken i am when i lose contact with reality. But i am in the process of healing, i am still fighting with this and i'm not giving up. I hope i'll never give up.

I have strictly put away my ipod from me and i want to try to live day by day without daydreaming too much and live that dream that i've been dreaming of and be in peace as the way that i hope. This month, i want to discover more and go on more adventures, meet new people, be more open minded and not judge a play by it's poster; and not too draw conclusions too quickly.

Time. One of my biggest concerns is time. Sometimes i feel like the world is spinning too fast and i get so caught up with it that i do not know where i stand. I also often feel i am not spending my time efficiently. I must not waste precious time. I have to be more productive and decrease my level of concern.

I've also learned a bit about love this month, i have forbid myself from falling in love with illusions. If i do want to like someone, i have to fully know what is he like, not the recreation sculpture that i formed in my head. It's going to be hand because i am a sucker for first glances; but i have to do it. For the sake of my mental health.

Lastly, thank you February for the lessons that you have given me and March, please be kind to me. I do not want to waste any more precious tears. I want to be healed. I want to treasure the ones that i love and I want to be more appreciative of time.


The Valentine Project

Valentine's Day is a special day that celebrates love and showing your appreciation for the ones that means the most in your life. In this special occasion, some celebrates with a special dinner for two or even taking to a exotic place and make them feel special. Oh how i would love to be in that kind of situation, but unfortunately, that never happened to me.

But for this year, i want things to be different, i don't want to spend my night alone in my bedroom crying over the fact that i have not yet found my significant other and all i can do is watch romantic drama movies whilst munching on a box of chocolate and surrounding myself with boxes of tissues 'cause i can guarantee myself that i'll cry my ass off.

So in honour of Valentine's Day, i have made a special project that i have approximately planned on for months and i am so thrilled it actually happened! I prepared 300 mini love letters that had 4 different quotes in it and a saying:

You are one in a million
You are special,
and you are loved :)

I handed out to random people. I'm not gonna lie, at first it was the most awkward feeling ever! I had to pull a lot of courage to approach random people and handing them the love letters; at some point, i could not even look straight into their eyes because it was just so nerve-racking! But at the end i did not regret it because i felt i did something that i would look back and smile at it :)

As for my classmates, i made them personally hand-written letters, i wrote about how blessed and thankful i am for their presence in class and highlighting their goodness. It was a priceless moment as i saw their smiling faces and it definitely made me happy! and i also have them a small sack of sweets as a complement to the love letter :)

Here's some pictures! hope you guys will enjoy! :D

For the Mini Love Letters

Love Letters for My Classmates

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and celebrate love every waking moment of your life, love should be celebrated everyday without an exception! :)