Friday, August 15, 2014

Vocabulary Expansion Thanks to John Green

So here are a few words that I find stumbling again and again on most passage when I read TFIOS and Paper Towns, I had such a good read of it that I thought i'll share on the internet of how much that i've learned of new words from reading those two books, so without further ado, here are the words that the definitions are from the internet vocabulary that I played the words using my brain! lol, enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Against the Common Flow

Everyone is their own individuality
One may seem alike to another
a single trait or more can define them apart

Being different can often be misunderstood by most people. Being different can sometime lead us to seclusion from the common. Being different takes up a lot of bravery from the inside, and being brave is being confident with taking a road that we believe in, even though it is different from everyone else.

That road isn't going to be easy. That road isn't always gonna give us applause from other people because we choose to be daring. That road isn't always gonna smooth but, if that road is the road that you truly feel that it is best for yourself,

Then go for it. 


That is all from me, hope you guys will enjoy this mini post about motivation and remember! Uniqueness and being genuine is very rare these days, don't let society dim your spark!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Flowers in Ramadhan

Last month was a month filled with soul rejuvenation and forgiving one another, but instead of taking pictures of people, I found myself snapping my cameras at pretty flowers and here are the pictures that I ended up with :)


Hi guys! I've taken this photo several weeks ago and yes yet again, due to my laziness, I did not make any post about it until now. So I was sort of running late that day and I wanted to wear an outfit that was both comfy but looked presentable at the same time. I grabbed my favourite skirt at the moment, which is this cute butterfly patterned skirt and I paired it with a Superman tshirt and a jeans buttoned shirt that acts as somewhat of a coverup and to make me warm when i'm sitting in class when it's super cold, and as you guys can see, I brought along my Princess Jasmine socks, my brown bag, pink wallet and my Paper Towns novel that day and I also have finished reading it so hopefully i'll be making a blog post about it soon and yeah that was the ootd for that day lol.

Ok this post was super short but I just wanted to share this to my blog and yeah i'm gonna do more refined ootd post in the future!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Now on Bloglovin!

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tumblr Update!


Lately life has been overwhelming and I decided to seclude myself from all sorts of social media devices and rethink where did I did wrong that caused me in such agony.


enough with all of these sad and pathetic posts, i'm back! and hopefully i'm gonna be better than ever, I decided I wanted to pimp up my blog and tumblr page, hence my new banner :) what do you guys think? I tried editing the css to centre the banner so it'll look nicer but idk what went wrong but it doesn't function when I typed the code. But also, feel free to check out my tumblr pages! The first is my main tumblr page where I reblog and sometimes I write mini notes regarding what i'm in the mood to write that day and the second one is my photography page! I'm still practicing on my photography sills but hopefully day by day i'll get better at taking pictures :)


Follow me on Tumblr! :)

Got a lot on my head that I wanna write on this blog so hopefully in the near future i'll be able to complete these upcoming posts of mine that I keep promising myself but I haven't exactly made them yet :') Until then, have a good day!