Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Against the Common Flow

Everyone is their own individuality
One may seem alike to another
a single trait or more can define them apart

Being different can often be misunderstood by most people. Being different can sometime lead us to seclusion from the common. Being different takes up a lot of bravery from the inside, and being brave is being confident with taking a road that we believe in, even though it is different from everyone else.

That road isn't going to be easy. That road isn't always gonna give us applause from other people because we choose to be daring. That road isn't always gonna smooth but, if that road is the road that you truly feel that it is best for yourself,

Then go for it. 


That is all from me, hope you guys will enjoy this mini post about motivation and remember! Uniqueness and being genuine is very rare these days, don't let society dim your spark!


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