Friday, August 15, 2014

Vocabulary Expansion Thanks to John Green

So here are a few words that I find stumbling again and again on most passage when I read TFIOS and Paper Towns, I had such a good read of it that I thought i'll share on the internet of how much that i've learned of new words from reading those two books, so without further ado, here are the words that the definitions are from the internet vocabulary that I played the words using my brain! lol, enjoy!

abundance: a large quantity of something, plenty of things that are compiled together.

fathom: understanding something; a deeper comprehension of something.

subdivisions: a secondary division from a main division.

inevitable: most likely to happen, cannot be avoid. 

infinite: something that has no end to it.

metaphor: something that has another meaning to it, the true meaning. Whereas, the appeal of what it may seem to be isn't quite always what it really is, there is a hidden message that if you look closely, it just may unravel itself.   


I picked up The Fault in Our Stars at the end of last year because all of the hype on the internet and now i'm looking back at it and i'm glad I read it. Believe it or not, TFIOS was actually one of the first ever 'real' book that I have ever read. Now when I said 'real' by means that, I have always sticked to one type of book genre over the past years, which is chick-flick. Don't get me wrong, I do still like reading and watching chick-flick books and movies but it's nice for a change to read something that was more realistic and meaningful. Shortly after reading TFIOS.

I decided to continue with Paper Towns, which was published before TFIOS back in 2008, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH :) at first I was skeptical about it as I reached one of the first few chapters and I thought It would be the typical nerdy boy like the popular girl and somehow they are linked together blablabla, but I was wrong, the storyline is so good it's like solving a puzzle, plus there are a lot of good quotes that now i'm thinking of skimming the book to highlight it so whenever I open it i'll easily find my favourite lines.

But yeah I am definitely planning on reading other books by John Green so leave a comment below on which I should read next! I'm thinking of Searching for Alaska, but anyways, thanks so much for reading this blog! I hope you all learned a thing or two from reading this post and i'll definitely do these kinds of posts to also expand my choices of vocabularies.  


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